Auto immune kits

Autoimmunity: Innovation adjusted to your necessities 

Immune system diseases speak to the third reason for grimness after cardiovascular diseases and tumors. This is an arrangement of diseases that contrast in their clinical expression and in the organs concerned, yet which have in like manner a similar instrument: an invulnerable framework issue against substances or tissues regularly exhibit in the life form. 

Autoantibodies coordinated against body parts are delivered. Their identification constitutes a vital device for the analytic and sometimes prognostic of some immune system diseases. 

Because of its skill in the advancement of symptomatic kits in autoimmunity, Theradiag offers an entire scope of reagents, controls and computerized framework to orientate the immune system diseases demonstrative with: 

Quality and execution to guarantee dependable results and orientate the indicative decisively. 

Advancement, augmenting consistently the board of our business sectors by coordinating new parameters for customized demonstrative and patients checking. 

The benefit, keeping in mind the end goal to furnish you with our skill through a dependable support and our approved preparing focus Replica Omega Watches

Mindful of your requirements, Theradiag builds up its items on inventive advancements adjusted to your research center's exercises: 


FIDISTM kits created by Theradiag on the xMAP® innovation permit asynchronous and particular discovery of various analytes from a similar specimen in a solitary examine. Contrasted with the ordinary IFA or ELISA organize, the FIDIS™ innovation and its computerization on the CARIS™ stage permits the research center to perform investigation more quickly and at a lower cost than with traditional kit designs and with ideal unwavering quality. Theradiag has built up a complete scope of industrially accessible tests on xMAP innovation for the finding of auto-safe pathologies furthermore keeps on offering an expanded board in irresistible serology, and for the estimation of human cytokines. 


Immunofluorescence remains the reference measure for the screening of auto-antibodies. Theradiag offers immunofluorescence tests to screen and distinguish the principle autoantibodies (ANA, ANCA, TS, organs specifics auto-antibodies) with enhanced conventions for simple results elucidation and improved adjustment on CARIS™ instruments Replica Watches UK extend. 


Theradiag offers an entire scope of well-demonstrated ELISA tests. The greater part of these tests displays an institutionalized convention and shares a few regular reagents, supporting a basic and powerful robotization. This institutionalization permits the client to play out a few tests all the while on a similar plate, consequently boosting the ELISA measures. 


Chorus™ framework is a smaller multi-parametric analyzer devoted to the execution of ELISA measure on a unit premise, utilizing prepared to utilize tests gadgets. On account of its one of a kind board of tests in autoimmunity and irresistible serology and an entire traceability, Chorus™ framework permits performing a routine examination and less regular parameters with an ideal adaptability and security. 


Our immunoblot tests permit the concurrent identification of antibodies against a few antigens biochemically portrayed and settled on a strip. These examines empower the recognizable proof, on a case by case premise or in the arrangement, of a critical number of antibodies, effortlessly and rapidly.

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