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cryptococcal it is a fungus which mainly prevents a sexual form of teleomorphs the name cryptococcal is mainly made more medically important to the factor of influence when the capacity of causing disease it mainly proclaimed to the sequences that make more apparent with capsule is present. The formation of periodic consumption has more variables to hinder the coincidence with the cryptococcal.

Different types of cryptococcal

  1. 1) Cryptococcus gattii
  2. 2) Cryptococcus bacillisporus
  3. 3) Cryptococcus deuterogattii
  4. 4) Cryptococcus tetragattii
  5. 5) Cryptococcus decagattii.

The main fungus that is found in the soil worldwide The major species of Cryptococcus is that it makes a cause of illness in human resources and the main course of action prevent with Cryptococcus forms. Common species of a cause disease in humans are a fundamental cause of action in the time period, it has been isolated from eucalyptus trees by all tropical and sub-tropical toward all nations. Since 1999, it has many regions that found fungs in Pacific Northwest, particularly Victoria Island in British Columbia, and Oregon and Washington in the United States.

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