The main thing about Elisa is that a chemical test which an enzyme and also it detects the substance that have antigenic properties, primarily make a new substance that also includes highly sensitive and specific and there is an (RIA) test which means radioimmune assay.

what is ELISA test?

An ELISA test is that component and makes an effect on the detection of proteins. And it also maintains the chemical form to detect the formula in the body. The ELISA test is the main consistencies which should be formulated to all subsequence a protein also make a catalyzes to the biochemical reaction. The main advantage of the uses of an ELISA test is that it includes to diagnose infections such as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and some of allergic or skin may course Sevier problems like food allergies. ELISA tests are also known as an immunosorbent assay.

Different Category of Elisa test?

  1. Direct ELISA: It is an antigen which usually subtracts and attach to an antigen to a polystyrene plate
  2. Indirect ELISA: It is an enzyme-labeled antibody that can be reached by both consistency in antibody and substrate
  3. Sandwich ELISA: It is a capture antibody is attached to the polystyrene plate, then antigen is added that specifically attaches or captures the antigen
  4. Competitive ELISA: It is the main provider which mainly prevent to the progression to the antibody. This results in a decrease in the substrate signal that is generated

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