Cloud-Clone Corp., a molecular biology and immunology research and experimental development oriented company headquartered at 1304 Langham Creek Dr, Houston, focus on preparation of assay reagents, manufacturing of analysis equipments and service of animal experiments.

Our assay reagents, covering from genes to proteins, include cDNA libraries, Primers, Proteins and DNA Marker, Natural and Recombinant proteins (prokaryotic, yeast or eukaryotic system), Monoclonal and Polyclonal antibodies, Target gene clone Kits, ELISA and CLIA Kits. Our products involve a variety of areas containing Cytokine, Signal transduction, CD & Adhesion molecules, Enzyme & Kinase, Metabolism, Endocrinium, Innate immune, Reproduction immune, Infection immunity, Tumor immune (Apoptosis, Tumor Marker), Autoimmunity, Immunomodulator,

Circulatory system (Cardiac Marker), Hematological system, Small molecule (Hormone) and much more.

Our analysis equipments include smart microplate washer, smart microplate reader, automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer, etc.

Our Animal Center has established a government certified animal facility. The animals are raised by the professional staff and can be used for preparation of antibodies, acquisition of quality control or positive control, extraction of primary cells, creation of disease models and service of other animal experiments.

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